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Historic information

The Ironbark Bistro & Tavern is a beautiful old double brick building situated in the heart of historic Chiltern. Originally the site was the town’s saddlery before the timber structure was demolished and the existing double brick building was constructed in 1869. Previously known as the “Council Club Hotel” it was the town’s largest and busiest establishment with sitting room, extensive dining lounge, eleven bedrooms and Billiard room. After the gold rush boom ended, there was a mass exodus of people to the bigger cities and the hotel was delicensed in 1941. For those who remember the 1974 Film “Ride a wild pony”, you might recognise the building with a falsely painted appearance as the “Barambogie Crystal Palace Cinema”.

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Monday, Wednesday and Sunday

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Clasic Australian Menu

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

( 6pm to 8:30pm )
Clasic Australian Menu

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( 12pm to 3pm )
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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

( 10am - 8:30pm )

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